The End?

Today’s earthquake and and the tsunami that followed started to make me think about 12/21/2012. If you are unfamiliar with this date, it is supposedly the day the world will come to an end. You can read about many of these here… Now, I am old enough to not put much faith into things like Mayan calendars, but I must admit the similarities of the “predictions” of various cultures in very interesting. I find myself watching History channel a lot as of late, watching shows about Nostradamus’ predictions, end of the world theories and what not. These scare the crap out of me. The thought of a landslide in Africa causing a tsunami that wipes out the East Coast of the US all the way to Chicago is scary.

That aside, what worries me about 2012 is that it may become a self fulfilling prophecy. While I watch these shows and understand that they are talking about things that could possibly happen, I know that doesn’t meant that they WILL in fact happen. But, there are those who take this very seriously. 2012 WILL be the end. As media continues to cover this more and more frequently leading up to the date, more and more people will start to freak out. Potentially people with the ability to say “The world’s ending away, let me release this virus”. “Let me wipe Israel off the Earth”. There are too many unstable people out there that are just looking for a reason to kill a ton of people. If the world is coming to an end, what true consequences are there to their actions?

This is an area in which the media really needs to watch what they say, what they portray. Movies like 2012, coming out next Summer are meant as fun movies, but the truth is, this will scare a lot of people. I would expect that there will be a lot of problems leading up to the date with long lines for groceries, gas, etc as people stock up to try to baracade themselves from the end. If people are afraid that there will not be food or shelter to protect their families, all hell will break out. Shoot…. see it is too easy to ramble on about this.


Where are They????

Since my childhood, I have had an avid interest in UFO’s and aliens. Whether it is what you see in movies like Star Wars Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I like it all. If there is a special on TV about abductions or aliens, I DVR it to watch. The question I ask now though is where are the aliens?

I know that people, well persons most likely, reading this would say “the proof is out there”. Look at youtube, look at all the pictures online. The problem is that absolutely none of this is actual physical proof. The fact is, if it exists, yo and I haven’t seen it. Right now I am reading a book entitled “In the Courts of the Sun”, by Brian D’Amato. I enjoy the book, but something stuck with me…. maybe we haven’t found any other life because other life does not exist. Not to say that it never existed, but maybe by the time a lifeform reaches the same level or close to the same level of technology, they eventually destroy themselves. Once the technology becomes available and cheap enough and finds its way into the right hands, someone will eventually make an attempt on Earth. Now, that’s diluting the discussion a little bit, but mathematically speaking, it makes sense. A person with the right education and a $5000 home biology kit could wipe out the Planet potentially.

There are obviously things working against this from happening. Governments, scientists, you and I…. we don’t want to see this happen. Even the worst diseases on this planet have had people not effected by the strain. But how long until someone invents the perfect disease and spreads it in a handful of major cities?

I honestly think that there are civilizations out there, but the theory itself is very interesting. Rather than looking to space for the answers to all out ails, we should be looking on our own Planet. Maybe what we find is a civilization that hasn’t progressed any further than we have.

NFL is Here

Well it is that time of the year again. Time for football. So far my Huskies are 1-1 and my Seahawks are 1-0. Good start. After tonight my Fantasy Football team will be 0-2, but there is a lot of time left. I have decided not to take the Seahawks to win it all again this year, last year I think I jinxed them. I do think they should be considered one of the top teams in the NFC. When healthy, they can match up with anyone. Health can also derail the season, as it did last year. So, my pick this year is going to be the Pittsburgh Steelers to repeat. Now, I hope that jinxes them. Pats may win too. Hopefully that jinxes them as well. I hate both those teams. Pittsburgh, for being involved in the biggest Super Bowl screw job ever and New England for winning too much.

As for my University of Washington Huskies, I have been impressed with their turnaround so far. Well since they won 0 games last season, winning 1 is a step in the right direction, but we’ll see how they fair against USC. I think USC has this in teh bag, but don’t be surprised if the dawgs keep it close for the 1st half.

If you have never heard of the book “I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell”, you should read it. A family member of mine gave it to me to read while I was dealing with my Dad’s passing. I read it nonstop on a plane ride and couldn’t stop laughing out loud. I was absolutely devestated by my Father’s death, but the book still made me laugh. That’s how funny it is. Now, I have to say, if you are not into sex, booze, blood and potty jokes, DO NOT READ THE BOOK. If you are, it is a must read. They are actually making the book into a movie opening 9/25. I am posting the trailer for your viwing pleasure.


What is greatness? I find myself asking myself that today as I think about the passing of Ted Kennedy. What is it that makes a man great? Is it the services her performs on behalf of others? Is it the acts he performs in his personal life? Maybe it is a combination of both.

I think there are very few truly great men and women on the Earth. A lot of that is determined by your definition of “greatness”. A lot of people, though misguided, would argue that Bill Clinton is a great man. Even if I thought he was a great President, which I disagree with, does a great man defile the Oral, I mean Oval Office in the way he did? Is a great man someone that cheats repeatedly on his wife?

On the other side of the spectrum, is a man great because he is a loving spouse and father? Is that man great if he goes into work and treats everyone around him like trash? For me, greatness in one area does not mean that one is a great person. People think Obama is great. He is an excellent orator, I will not take that away from him, but I would hardly even consider him a good President at this point.

We use the term “so and so was a great man/woman” far too often. Nowadays, any time someone of any note dies, the press loves to tell us how great they were. Michael Jackson, Ted Kennedy and many others have been called “great”, but is that reality? Kennedy got away with murder. Jackson possibly child molestation if you believe reports and lawsuits. Jacksn was a great artist and Kennedy, some argue, a great Senator. Do their transgressions take their greatness away?

Not the O.K. Corral

I have been very unsettled by recent political activities, but not in the way I would expect. While I wholeheartedly approve of the arguing at Town Hall meetings all over the country over Obama’s health package, I am troubled by the sight of guns outside these meetings. I am especially disturbed when these people are outside a building where the President is speaking.

Now, I know that people reading this may say “My right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment and it was not illegal for those people to carry weapons”. What I would say to those people is simple, I agree. The problem is, there is absolutely no good reason to be carrying a semi-automatic weapon strapped to your back at a protest over health reform. None. The Second Amendment and health reform have nothing to do with each other, other than one has lead to several people needing healthcare. The problem, as I see it is simple. It can only lead to violence. People will argue against this, but they arguments have no warrants. “Nobody has been shot. Nobody has pulled a gun on someone. Nobody is breaking any laws. The guns are a show of freedom. They are protection”. Protection from whom, the Secret Service guarding the President? Socialist invasions? If you are threatened, what are your plans, taking that gun and shooting people?

Let’s be honest, these weapons are meant to as a scare tactic, plain and simple. There is nobody to protect yourself from at these meetings. People aren’t being robbed, murdered, raped or otherwise assaulted. If someone is murdered, it is going to be you guys with the guns strapped to your backs and thighs that are the cause.

On a better note, I am excited at the return of one of the greatest to pick up the mic.

EPL Starts

I am very excited this weekend as the English Premiere League has started play again and my Citizens have started off the season by winning 2-0. While I don’t believe Manchester City will win the League this season, I do think they will qualify for Champions League, meaning they will finish top 4. I think 3rd place is not out of range, with Manchester United winning again, followed by Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool. I think Arsenal is on the outside looking in this season.

Last season, City had millions of dollars in transfer fees available to spend, but they could not draw any players. This transfer season has been much different, with City landing high quality players Carlos Tevez and Gareth Barry. This is the beginning of a new era that should see City competing to sign the biggest names in Football. I hope. We’ve seen what has happened with all the money Portsmouth has. At this point, winning is the most imortant thing. The only players that will join horrible teams are players that want to get paid and don’t care about winning. The players being brought in are not losers, so I think there are big things ahead.

Here’s to Health Care

I was reading a news article today about health care ( which I think is worth reading. Myself, I am against Government run health care. While I believe that changes should be made to allow children to get the treatments and basic health services they need, I think a complete overhaul of the current system is a waste of our money and our time.

The Government has proven that it cannot run anything efficiently. We no longer control our own money. We gave that right over to the Federal Reserve. We cannot control the banks who took bilions of our taxes for bailouts, their employees are still flying health; obama; socialism; republican; democrat; education; post office; insurance; msn; bailout; taxprivate jets and getting paid millions in bonuses. Our educational system is a disaster. Our highways and bridges are in ruins. Why should anyone believe that the Government can effectively run out health care? The answer is that you shouldn’t. President Obama has stated that this health plan would not add to the national debt, but that is really not possible, UNLESS he just has the Fed print out more money to cover the bill. When you print out hundreds of billions of dollars, you cause inflation to occur. When inflation happens, the cost of goods rises as our dollars become worthless. This leads us right back into a recession. Nationalized Health Care or a continued recession/depression. OR, he could increase taxes to cover this plan. Wait though, I already pay for my own health care. Now I have to pay into a second plan that I do not want?

I think Obama should leave Nationalized Health Care to Canada. There is a reason that the top Doctors are in the U.S. and not in Canada. It is the money they make. Instead of wasting billions of dollars trying to completely overhaul the system, why not look at other ways we can keep the prices down. How about putting a cap on the amount Doctors and hospitals can be sued for? That would decrease the cost of insurance and the cost to insurers. This would reduce the cost to us. How about spending that money on education. Make us the top educated country in the world. Our citizens will get jobs that provide health care. Plus we will have the added benefit of better educated citizens who become better physicians, scientists, engineers, bankers.

In the article referenced above, the final line sums it up for me. Obama compares his healthcare plan to the government run Post office… “They do it all the time,” he said. “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. … It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.” If they cannot solve problems with the Post Office, why should we think that they can solve healthcare.